1. To act as researchers in national, transnational and international law; 
  2. To act as consultants and advise governments, national, international NGO’s companies, civil society and any other organization or individual on law, policy, security and matters of justice;
  3. To advice the government, parliament and other competent bodies on specific violations on issues related to legislation and general compliance to and implementation of human rights and international agreements;
  4. To act as a key catalyst for law reform and to act as a think tank on issues of law, security and policy both at domestic and international level;
  5. To design, develop and promote legal and social research, and experiment in laws and policies;
  6. To support and conduct research, survey, statistics, and experiments on issues of legal and social importance and matters of national and international interest;
  7. To run a first class library and provide access to legal materials that will help improve legal research, collect, organize, and preserve legal resources and preserve, support, promote, foster, and contribute to scholarly and other publications in the law.
  8. To promote and support law reform and law revision in particular relating to the fundamental human rights of especially the vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalized members of society;
  9. To do everything necessary to protect and preserve human rights and fundamental freedoms as defined by the United Nations in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights, the Constitution of Sierra Leone and all other international treatises and Conventions to which Sierra Leone is or should be a party; 
  10. To educate and inform the public on human rights and international law.
  11. To own and engage in the publishing and printing of books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, periodicals, circulars and other literally undertakings aimed at creating awareness;
  12. To purchase, acquire, own a website, radio, TV station, and other media and information outlets and to publish in them all information relating to the activities and object of the company; 
  13. To design, develop and promote legal and civic education in schools, universities other learning institutions and for the public;
  14. To advocate for better access to justice and speedy justice;
  15. To defend the rule of law, promote accountability and access to justice
  16. To Promote Youth Justice, undertake community projects aimed at capacity building of the Youth, Women, communities and disadvantaged groups 
  17. To provide legal aid and paralegal services for the less privilege in society;
  18. To defend and prosecute cases of public interest and to provide legal and advisory services to lawyers and the general public.
  19. To promote social justice and fight perceived social injustices existing in society;
  20. To provide information on law affecting the youth, women’s and children’s rights, including all matters affecting the poor and vulnerable, including lectures, discussions, books, magazines, periodicals, circulars, newsletters and other literary undertakings.
  21. To organize debates on issues including social, legal, commercial, political, industrial, scientific, and all other matters of national and international importance and to organize conferences relating to same;  
  22. To organize conferences aimed at attracting investors from abroad and within and to encourage immigrants in the Diaspora to be more involved in promoting and developing Sierra Leone;
  23. To establish a platform whereby citizens can interact with their leaders and decision making stakeholders; 
  24. To affiliate, partner, collaborate, with any research center, university, foundation governments, NGO’s, Movements, Associations or other entity, regional or international organizations and institutions;
  25. To twin up or enter into agreement with governments, NGO’s, Movements, Associations or other regional and international organizations and institutions;
  26. To award prizes for national service, achievements, contribution to the law, academia, for protection and support for children, the empowerment of women, the youth, the poor and vulnerable members of society;