Book Review

Book Review Guidelines

We will be happy to publish review of books. Selections will occur on a rolling basis.

Standard Book Reviews should be no longer than 5000 words although depending on the book being reviewed they may be shorter or long.

The review should in general include the following details:

a. Author / Editor Name,
b. Book Title,
c. Publisher,
d. Year of Publication,
e. ISBN-13: 000-0-00-000000-0,
f. Number of Pages,
g. Price
h. A brief overview of the book’s contents.
i. A brief description of the book’s place within legal scholarship, including an explanation of why you think the book is important and timely.
j. Relationship with the author, if any.

You will receive a confirmation promptly upon submission. We will then provide you with a decision as soon as possible.

Please email the Book Review office at